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MSBuild Reserved Properties

If you take a look the MSDN documentation for the reserved MSBuild Reserved Properties you will see many properties listed. For one reason or another there are actually several reserved properties that are missing from that list. Here is the list of all the reserved properties, the ones missing from that page are presented here in bold. For those that are listed on that page the description is taken from the MSDN. Also this is the list for MSBuild 3.5.



Take a look at this project file that prints out these values.

<Project xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/developer/msbuild/2003"

<Target Name="PrintProperties">
<Message Text="MSBuildNodeCount: $(MSBuildNodeCount)"/>
<Message Text="MSBuildExtensionsPath32: $(MSBuildExtensionsPath32)"/>
<Message Text="MSBuildProjectDirectoryNoRoot: $(MSBuildProjectDirectoryNoRoot)"/>
<Message Text="MSBuildToolsPath: $(MSBuildToolsPath)"/>
<Message Text="MSBuildToolsVersion: $(MSBuildToolsVersion)"/>
<Message Text="MSBuildBinPath: $(MSBuildBinPath)"/>
<Message Text="MSBuildExtensionsPath: $(MSBuildExtensionsPath)"/>
<Message Text="MSBuildProjectDefaultTargets: $(MSBuildProjectDefaultTargets)"/>
<Message Text="MSBuildProjectDirectory: $(MSBuildProjectDirectory)"/>
<Message Text="MSBuildProjectExtension: $(MSBuildProjectExtension)"/>
<Message Text="MSBuildProjectFile: $(MSBuildProjectFile)"/>
<Message Text="MSBuildProjectFullPath: $(MSBuildProjectFullPath)"/>
<Message Text="MSBuildProjectName: $(MSBuildProjectName)"/>
<Message Text="MSBuildStartupDirectory: $(MSBuildStartupDirectory)"/>


If you execute this you will get something like what's shown here.


I'm not sure how important this, but you may need to know one day.


Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi

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