I’m happy to say that my Supplement to Inside the Microsoft Build Engine book (co-author William Bartholomew) has now been published. In fact it’s already in stock and ready to be shipped by Amazon.com.

This book is a small addition (118 pages) to the previous book, Inside the Microsoft Build Engine 2nd edition. It has a small price too, MSRP is $12.99 but it’s selling on Amazon.com for $8.99! In this book we cover the updates to MSBuild, Team Build and Web Publishing in Visual Studio 2012. The foreword was written by Scott Hanselman, and you can read the entire foreword online.

Check out how thin the supplement is in comparison to the 2nd edition #ThinIsIn.



If you already own the 2nd edition then you’ll love this update.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What's new in MSBuild

  1. Visual Studio project compatibility between 2010 and 2012
  2. Out of Process Tasks
  3. NuGet
  4. XML Updates with SlowCheetah
  5. Cookbook
Chapter 2: What's new in Team Build 2012
  1. Installation
  2. Team Foundation Service
  3. User interface (UI) enhancements
  4. Visual Studio Test Runner
  5. Pausing build definitions
  6. Batching
  7. Logging
  8. Windows Workflow Foundation 4.5
  9. Cookbook
Chapter 3: What's new in Web Publishing
  1. Overview of the new Publish Web Dialog
  2. Building web packages
  3. Publish profiles
  4. Database publishing support
  5. Profile-specific web.config transforms
  6. Cookbook


The book has been available in e-book form for a few weeks. Just long enough for us to get our first review. It was 5 stars :).



Please let us know what you think of this book!


You can download all the samples and learn more at msbuildbook.com.


Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi | http://msbuildbook.com | @SayedIHashimi

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