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Wanted to let you know that I just released v2.3 of my Visual Studio extension SlowCheetah. If you are not familiar with SlowCheetah here is an intro. For client projects (i.e. non-web projects) it allows you to transform the app.config (or any XML file) on F5 (debug) or CTRL + F5, it also has a preview functionality which allows you to see the results of the transform quickly. For Web Projects it allows you to transform XML files during package/publish (and of course the preview functionality works in web projects too). The transform behavior is all in MSBuild targets/tasks so command line support is built in. It’s also easy to integrate SlowCheetah into CI servers.

Below are the updates that we have in v2.3.

Preview support in VS 11
In the previous version we added support for VS 11 but the preview functionality didn’t work because the preview tool we used in VS 2010 didn’t exist in VS 11. VS 11 now has a new diffing tool and in this version we now support invoking this new service.

ClickOnce related updates

ClickOnce support was added in a previous version but the support was limited to app.config. In this version when you publish an application using ClickOnce if you have transforms in any other XML file defined those transforms will be applied and published.

Setup projects updates
Similar to ClickOnce the support for setup projects was limited to app.config only. In this version we now have support for all XML files not just app.config. There was also a bug in the previous version relating to setup projects. For setup projects if a file was being transformed from a linked file when you built the solution you would receive an error. We have fixed that bug.

Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi @SayedIHashimi

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