I will be giving an online LiveMeeting Session hosted by Microsoft next week on Wednesday October 14, 2009 at 4 PDT (Redmond Time). The title is Simplifying Deployment with the Web Deployment Tool (MSDeploy). If you are not aware of MSDeploy it is a newly released tool to ease the pain of deploying ASP.NET sites. If you are doing any type of deployment of ASP.NET sites (Manual or Automated) then you must check out MSDeploy, it will change how you look at deployment of ASP.NET sites all together. Right now there is not an abundant amount of knowledge or material available on this tool, but I think that will change soon. Hopefully I can contribute to some of that. In any case, if you are available I would love to have you check out my session. There will be some guys from Microsoft on the line including the Program Manager of the Web Deployment Tool Vishal Joshi. I'm sure he will chime in when I try to mislead you guys by feeding your mis-information.

Here is the info about the presentation.

Simplifying Deployment with the Web Deployment Tool (MSDeploy)

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Wednesday, October 14th, 2009 | 4:00pm – 5:00pm (PDT, Redmond time)


Deploying ASP.NET Websites has always been a challenge and different teams have used different approaches to overcoming those challenges. Microsoft has offered some support for making deployment easier in the past. For instance they first introduced Web Deployment Projects for Visual Studio 2005, and also have a version for 2008. Web Deployment Projects do greatly simplify the process of calling the aspnet_compiler and aspnet_merge tool but even though their title states "Deployment" they had no support for physically deploying the site. Now Microsoft has introduced the Web Deployment Tool, also known as MSDeploy. MSDeploy will bridge the gap between taking a web site and physically deploying it to its destination. With MSDeploy you can easily and very effectively perform tasks such as pushing an ASP.NET site (Web site, Web Application Project, ASP.NET, etc) from one machine to several other machines. This is achieved by the target machines having the MSDeploy Remote Agent Service installed and running. You can sync two different Web Sites that are hosted in IIS, you can create a web package (simply a .zip file) and use that as your source, you can sync two different folders, and many other options. Another compelling feature of MSDeploy is that it will be integrated into Visual Studio 2010. From Visual Studio 2010 you can compile your ASP.NET Web Application Project and then create the Web Package which contains all your content files plus IIS settings. This one file will full describe your web.

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Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi



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