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My brother Sayed Y. Hashimi just released a new book Pro Android: Developing Mobile Applications for G1 and Other Google Phones.

I'm not an Android developer so I cannot speak about specifics about the content but here is the TOC so you can get a better idea of what the book contains.

  1. Introducing the Android Computing Platform
  2. Getting Your Feet Wet
  3. Using Resources, Content Providers, and Intents
  4. Building User Interfaces and Using Controls
  5. Working with Menus and Dialogs
  6. Unveiling 2D Animation
  7. Exploring Security and Location-Based Services
  8. Building and Consuming Services
  9. Using the Media Framework and Telephony APIs
  10. Programming 3D Graphics with OpenGL
  11. Managing and Organizing Preferences
  12. Coming to Grips with 1.5
  13. Simplifying OpenGL and Exploring Live Folders

Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi

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