Before I begin this post I must say that I do not have any inside information about the release of Visual Studio 2010 or .NET 4. The post is composed of 100 % speculation and based on information that has already been made publicly available.

I am pretty interested to know the release date for Visual Studio 2010, and .NET Framework 4.0, so I asked around but no one could tell me anything. So I decided to do some research as to the release dates for Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 based on the release of their Beta releases. I came up with the following table.


Beta 1

Beta 2


Beta 1 - Beta 2

Beta 2 - RTM

Visual Studio 2005




43 Weeks

29 Weeks

Visual Studio 2008




14 Weeks

17 Weeks

Visual Studio 2010




28 Weeks

20 Weeks

Yellow cells are 100% based just on the averages of the two previous versions


When Visual Studio 2005 came out there were huge changes. I think this is why the amount of time between Beta 1 and Beta 2, and between Beta 2 and RTM were so much longer then their corresponding periods in Visual Studio 2008. I think for the release of Visual Studio 2010 we are going to be somewhere between the two time periods. So maybe a decent indicator would simply be the average of the two. This is what I used to come up with the cells that are shaded in yellow. I'm sure this will be off but hopefully by weeks and not months!


Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi

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