A little while ago I received an email from a reader in which he provided a sample MSBuild script. Here were some comments that I sent him.

“One thing that I did notice that may be problematic in your MyBranchTool.common.targets is the following item group.


Here you are declaring an item (outside of a target) which pickups files inside the OutDir. This may include files that were created (or moved there) during the build process.Items and properties declared outside of targets are evaluated before any target executes. What this means is that your MyTargetFiles item may not include all the files that it should. Instead you should put this decclaration inside of a target right before it is needed (which should be after the files have been placed inside the OutDir folder). Unless you are intentionally wanting to pick up the files in that folder before the build starts. If you have my book there is a section on Property & Item Evaluation take a look at that. I think it is somewhere near page 60 or so.”

Also if you are using MSBuild 3.5 you should specify the ToolsVersion on the Project element.”

Here is his response

“Ah, yes thanks for that! I was getting errors sometimes and I thought it was something like that but I didn’t know how to fix it - some files would be deleted by the Rebuild but not recreated, and then the Copy fails because those files are missing.

I have ordered your book, hopefully it arrives soon :) I look forward to reading through it!

Thanks again”

His initial question was not related to the issue that I commented on here. This happened to surface because he sent me his build script. I didn’t have the script that actually used that item, but I recognized that an item was being created from the $(OutDir) in a static item, which is a red flag for a problem ! Like I stated to him since files are placed into the OutDir folder at build time the item should be dynamic and not static. You should look for this in your build scripts as you edit them and make sure that they do not repeat this.


Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi

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