After my previous entry a reader requested that I post a table of contents for my book Inside the Microsoft Build Engine. After searching I realized that I didn't have one. So I put one together here it is.

Contents at a Glance

Part I Overview

  1. MSBuild Quick Start
  2. MSBuild Deep Dive, Part 1
  3. MSBuild Deep Dive, Part 2

Part II Customizing MSBuild

  1. Custom Tasks
  2. Custom Loggers

Part III Advanced MSBuild Topics

  1. Batching and Incremental Building
  2. External Tools

Part IV MSBuild Cookbook

  1. Practical Applications, Part 1
  2. Practical Applications, Part 2

Part V Team Foundation Build

  1. Team Build Quick Start
  2. Team Build Deep Dive
  3. Team Build Cookbook


  • New Features in MSBuild 3.5
  • Common Properties and Items
  • New Features in Visual Studio Team System 2010 Team Build


Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi

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