My new book Inside the Microsoft Build Engine: Using MSBuild and Team Foundation Build has been published and is now in stock at This book contains 12 chapters, 9 of which are dedicated to MSBuild and the remaining three are Team Build. Two of the MSBuild chapters are dedicated to examples in a cook book fashion, there is one such chapter for the Team Build. This book is the only book that contains this type of coverage of MSBuild. From the begining of the book the MSBuild team was involved, they reviewed every MSBuild chapter and provided invaluable insight. Here is the table of contents for the book:
Chapter 1 : MSBuild Quick Start
Chapter 2 : MSBuild Deep Dive, Part 1
Chapter 3 : MSBuild Deep Dive, Part 2
Chapter 4 : Custom Tasks
Chapter 5 : Custom Loggers
Chapter 6 : Batching and Incremental Builds
Chapter 7 : External Tools
Chapter 8 : Practical Applications, Part 1
Chapter 9 : Practical Applications, Part 2
Chapter 10 : Team Build Quick Start
Chapter 11 : Team Build Deep Dive
Chapter 12 : Team Build Cookbook
App A : New Features in M Build 3.5
App B : MSBuild Common Properties and Items
App C : New Features in Visual Studio Team System 2010 Team Build

If you are interested in learning MSBuild from scratch, or looking to become a MSBuild expert then this book will help you. If you do get a copy please post a review on

Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi

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