Ok, I know there are many MSBuild loggers available so why create a new one? Because for a while I’ve been thinking that it would be cool to have a logger that would transform an MSBuild log into a log4net log. This is because obviously log4net has many appenders and tools that you can use out of the box. For example if you wanted to put your logs into a database, then attach the AdoNetAppender. Because of this, and because I couldn’t already find one, I wrote one. You can find it on my Sedodream MSBuild project. This logger is called SedoLogger. I figured this would be a good name, in the case that later on I wanted to abstract out the specific logging mechanism behind it. I have just created a new release that contains all the necessary files. I have posted some usage information about this logger on the SedoLogger WiKi page. I’ll be posting some more details about this logger here in the near future.

Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi

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