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Ok, there's several posts about whats good/bad about both of these languages, this isn't one of those. At the end of the day it doesn't matter which technology is the best, but which ones are going to employ you. About a year ago, I think there were many more Java jobs here in Jacksonville (FL) then there were C# (.NET) jobs. I've noticed that there has been an increasing need for C# developers here, can't really say about the Java positions though. Recently I've been playing around with the blog search engine technorati.com, they have some really cool features. If you've never been there you should give it a shot. One of the features is to chart the number of blog entries over a period of time, based on keywords. To view the graph of MSBuild related blogs click on the link below


I decided to compare the results of a search of "C#" and "Java", and I was really surprised to see the results. Below you can see the images that I saw. Note: These images are static and not updating.

From the technorati.com site it stated that there was 668,373 Java related posts and 17,100,527 C# posts! That is an incredible difference. There could be a few reasons for the difference:

  1. Java people arn't blogging as much
  2. Java people arn't registering with technorati.com as much as the C# folk
  3. There is something wrong with the technorati.com processor

Since this is a simple keyword search I think we can safely assume that (3) is not the culprit. I think its really a combinition of (1) and (2). Another aspect there are many Java related blog entries that don't actually have the word Java in it. But I'm sure the same goes for C#. Previously when I was doing mostly Java work, I thought one of the cool things about Java was the community effort. With the open-source side and all. I thought that C# (.NET) would lack this for sure. But now that I know better, I know that it certainly is not like that. I think the community effort for C# (.NET) is just as strong, if not stronger, then the Java side.

I'm not sure what the significance these number have, but it certainly does make be happy to be in the C# camp. :)

To get the live chart for C# visit: http://technorati.com/chart/%22C%23%22#taglink
To get the live chart for Java visti: http://technorati.com/chart/%22Java%22#taglink

Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi

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