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In the June 06 issue of the MSDN magazine you'll find an article that I wrote titled "Inside MSBuild: Compile Apps Your Way With Custom Tasks For The Microsoft Build Engine". As far as I know this will be the first article in print for the release version of MSBuild. Before I wrote this article I noticed a need, that was there was no one good resource for people to go to to learn all the key things they need to really get going with MSBuild. I think this article really does meet that need decently well. The only large topic that wasn't covered in the article is writing custom loggers. There are a few reasons for this; limited number of words, most users won't be interested in writing custom loggers and there is a lot of material about writing custom loggers available. If you are interested in writing a custom logger, I've got examples on this blog and here are a few other places you can visit:

Along with these in my book I present a custom XML logger. If you read the article I welcom your feedback.

Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi

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