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I'm working on an application during my spare time, its called Dreamcatcher. The purpose of this dream is to maintain a digital dream journal, or any journal for that matter. A major goal of the Dreamcatcher is to facilitate finding specific dreams easily, this is going to be accomplished by search mechanisms, and a "tagging" dreams with specific information. For instance you'll categorize the dream, you can place keywords (or labels in gmail terms) onto a dream, and other similar things. These will allow the user to find the desired dream in a set of different ways. Currently all of the data will be stored on the uesrs local machine, but I was also thinking of having a database available for users to keep their entries. This will be determined by user feedback, at a later stage. Here is what the main screen looks like:


If you are interested in using this app please send me an email (sayed.hashimi [AT] gmail.com )and I'll keep you posted on its progress. I'm expecting to have a useable release in the next couple months.

Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi

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