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Speaking at South Florida Code Camp

This weekend I will be speaking at the South Florida Code Camp. This has historically been a very popular event (>500 people) with a lot of good speakers.

I will be presenting 2 topics there, the abstracts are below.

MSBuild 4.0 What’s New

MSBuild, the Microsoft Build Engine, was first introduced with Visual Studio 2005. This was MSBuild 2.0, and it was delivered along with the .NET Framework 2.0. The next major release of MSBuild, version 3.5, was introduced for Visual Studio 2008 and was deployed with the .NET Framework 3.5. Now the third major version, 4.0, is being introduced with Visual Studio 2010, and in concert with previous releases is being shipped with the .NET Framework 4.0. In this session we will talk about the new features included with MSBuild 4.0 and how it can make your MSBuild files better. The topics we will talk about will include.
•    Inline Tasks
•    Property Functions
•    Item Functions
•    Before / After Targets
•    Support for C++ projects (both native and managed)
•    New Object Model

Simplifying deployments with MSDeploy and Visual Studio 2010

In this session we will demonstrate how to greatly simplify deployments of web applications using MSDeploy. MSDeploy is shipped with Visual Studio 2010 and is available as a separate download. Visual Studio 2010 has enhances support for MSDeploy and we will go over many of those details in this session. We will also be discussing how MSDeploy can be used as a stand alone tool outside of Visual Studio 2010. So if you are not able to upgrade to Visual Studio 2010 but developing web applications this is still a great for you.

If you are in the South Florida area this is definitely an event that you don’t want to miss out. Please stop by and see me!

Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Visual Studio 2010 RC and TFS 2010 RC Now Available

If you are an MSDN subscriber you can now download Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate as well as the TFS 2010 Release Candidate. You can read Brian Hurry's post about the release. Here are some key dates, if you are an MSDN subscriber you can get it now, and if not then you will have to wait until Feb 10. Still no word on when the RTM will ship, but hopefully it will be soon so that more organizations will begin adopting it and we can leave VS 2008 in the dust. Since the Visual Studio 2010 Launch is on April 12, 2010 it should be just around the corner. You should be aware that the launch date doesn't always equal the release date. Launch date is set by marketing to start the launch events, but the RTM date can vary, but will typically be in that same ball park.

Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi

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