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Speaking at Tallahassee Code Camp

This weekend I will be speaking at the Tallahassee Code Camp on Saturday September 5, 2009. I will be presenting two sessions which are:

ASP.NET Custom View Helpers

If you have been using ASP.NET MVC then you certainly have been using some of the built in
view helper methods that are available, you know those expressions like
and Html.ValidationMessage("Required").
View helpers are nothing more than extension methods which create HTML that is injected into
your views based on the method and its parameters. Creating your own view helpers is very
simple and can be extremely beneficial. By writing your own custom view helpers you will
benefit in at least the following ways

  • Simplifies Your Views
  • Easies Rehydrating HTML Elements with ModelState Values
  • Standardizes the Creation of Common HTML Components
  • Helps you Implement the DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) Principal

We will take an in depth look at how you can easily and effectively create your own view helpers. We will also discuss how the default view helpers were created and the benefits that they provide.

Utilizing Web Deployment Projects

In this session we will take a look at how Web Deployment Projects can be used to assist in the deployment of web sites and web applications; including ASP.NET Web Applications and ASP.NET MVC Web Applications. We will give an overview of what Web Deployment Projects are and the functionality that is available out of the box. A Web Deployment Project is a wrapper for the aspnet_compiler.exe tool in the form of an MSBuild project and adds value to using the tool itself. Because they are MSBuild files we are able to customize and extend the process. We will discuss how we can customize the process to perform common steps such as

  1. Creating Virtual Directories
  2. Updating values in the web.config file
  3. Encrypting the web.config file
  4. Minimizing JavaScript files
  5. Versioning the Assemblies


If you are in the area and interested in these topics make sure to drop in!

Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Speaking at St. Louis Day of .NET

On Friday August 28 and Saturday August 29 there will be a conference in St. Louis called St. Louis Day of .NET that I will be speaking at. Here is the outline

Simplify build and deployment of ASP.NET sites with Web Deployment Projects

When you are creating ASP.NET sites, (either ASP.NET web site / ASP.NET Web Project / ASP.NET MVC Project / etc) you will need to deploy the site to machines which will host them. Classically there were two options; xcopy the actual source to the live server and let them be compiled on demand or you could use the aspnet_compiler.exe and aspnet_merge.exe tools to pre-compile the website for you. The little known, yet extremely useful, Web Deployment Projects (an add on for Visual Studio) can greatly simplify the process of build and deployment. Web Deployment Projects will take care of the complexities of the aspnet_compiler.exe and the aspnet_merge.exe tool for you by way of a tight UI integration into Visual Studio itself. Aslo Web Deployment Projects are MSBuild files so you can extend and customize the process to suit your exact needs. In this session we will introduce Web Deployment Project, show that you can perform very powerful actions without writing a single line of code (or even text)! We will also dive into the MSBuild file that is the Web Deployment Project and show how to customize the process.

This session talks about Web Deployment Projects (2005 version) and how they can help in the build and deployment process. If you are going to be attending and interested in build and deployment of ASP.NET web sites and projects then you don't want to miss this session.

Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi

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