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Gateway = incompatible product?

So recently I bought a 21" Gateway monitor. This is one of their newest monitors that are available. The monitor works good with my Dell desktop machine, but refuses to work on my Toshiba notebook. So I called the support a spoke with a tech there, he pretty much told me that it was an issue with the notebook. Before this I made sure to upgrade all available drivers for my notebook, and even called their support. Anywayz I ended up speaking with a support supervisor there @ Gateway, and she made some statments to me that were really surprising. I asked her if they had tested this monitor with Toshiba notebooks, or any notebooks for that matter. She told me "...We don't test our products with competitors' devices. There's no reason for us to buy products to test against because we have plenty here." How can a compnay create a general purpose device, such as this monitor, and not test it aginst a range of products that it is supposed to work for??? This is just ridiculious. To make a long story short I'm very dis-satisifed with the customer service provided by Gateway, and will never buy another Gateway device. This was the first and only Gateway device that will ever be in my ownership. When I bought this, I had a felling that I should be buying from a company such as ViewSonic, who I have had good experiences with. If you're looking at this monitor I would suggest looking into the ViewSonic VP2130b monitor, it may be more expensive but I'm sure they have tested it much better than Gateway cares to.

Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi

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