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Just wanted to introduce myself, I’m Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi. Not to be confused with my brother Sayed Y. Hashimi :)
My brother and I are currently working on an Apress book titled “Deploying .NET Applications with MSBuild and ClickOnce“. I’m focusing on the MSBuild portions of the book while he is mainly working on the ClickOnce related issues.

In this blog you can expect to see me talking about MSBuild, C#,Java and development in general. Also I wouldn’t be surprised to see some comparisions between Windows development and Java development. I might also post about some other things that I'm generally interested, so basically you might see anything in this blog. Currently I’m working professionally as a C# developer but have worked in the past with Java. I think Java is a great language, but I am certainly in favor of C# these days, but each language has it strong points. In the near future I plan on posting some MSBuild related material because I’m really excited about this new technology that is hitting the scenes and I think that it will change the way Windows applications are developed all together. No longer do we have to hook up some 3rd party tool(s) to enhance or replace the Visual Studio build process. I already have some material that is not going to make it into the book, but would like to make it available to everyone, so I’ll post that here!. I would also like to enhance the awareness of how developers can use MSBuild to make their lives easier.

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